European Women: Perfect Blend of Femininity and Modernity

Published: 05th March 2010
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Style and elegance are the attributes of European women. They were born and brought up that way. You can tell for yourself the difference if you take some time out to travel through Europe.

With a long cultural history behind them, they are a perfect blend of fashion, class, sophistication and beauty. Simply put, they know how to carry themselves. Yet, they have in them the warmth that no women from any other country can give you. They know how to show affection. They have no inhibitions about expressing their feelings in public. It is quite common to see a European lady holding hands and walking with their lovers, enjoying and living life to the fullest. It?s quite a contrast from the sight of American women rushing to get to work or catch a cab. Only European women can offer a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Style can be acquired, but beauty is definitely in their genes. The climate of Europe, along with their gene pool, makes them far lovelier than women of other races. They are more fertile than women of any other region. They are the embodiment of beauty, style and warmth.

Women of Europe are more feminine than their American counterparts. And they are proud of this femininity. They know their roles in the society and are confident. They are genetically less predisposed to many diseases which are quite commonplace among American women.

Thus, it is evident; you are more likely to find a better partner in a European than an American woman.

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